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Runs in autumn to the Dory: Siena and Florence

Riding bike: discover Tuscany with hotel Dory

The most famous bike hotel of Riccione prepares breath (and wheels) for September season bike, to the discovery Siena and Florence. Read more »

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Bike Stories in the Adriatic Coast

Bicycle Diaries: Bike Stories from Hotel Dory in Riccione

Another story, another chapter of the Hotel Dory‘s bicycle saga

Another valuable and beautiful testimony for the 20 years of the Hotel Dory in Riccione: the winning prize is a free bike week for September 2017. Read more »

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The most beautiful cycling routes of spring in Riccione

The most beautiful cycling routes of spring in Riccione

Bicycle lovers find their natural habitat in Romagna. Sea land, hills and mountains, the territory here offers the ideal shape for beautiful cycling tours. Whether you want to ride for a whole day or for a few hours, Riccione has so much to offer as a bike ride to discover the territory of Romagna, the Marche and Tuscany. It is no coincidence that the best professional cyclists have always been here. Read more »

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Bicycle Diaries: stories at Hotel Dory

Bicycle Diaries: stories at Hotel Dory

Continue the exciting collection of the most beautiful bike experiences at Hotel Dory.

The competition for the 20-year-old bike of the Riccione bicycle lovers will continue, and will offer the winner a free bicycle week for September 2017! Read more »

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Bycicle stories in Riccione

The Contest continue “It was great!”. Here is today’s testimony! Read more »

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Contest 20 years Dory Bike

All the testimonies of the contest “It was great!”
Read more »

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20 years of Dory Bike

Our first Twenty Years! Read more »

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Summer by bycicle

Get in shape with the bike!


Bike season continues even in summer at the Dory Hotel!

Vacation is the best to devote time and energy to wellness and fitness … and if you love relaxing with your bike, Dory is the right hotel for you!

The 5 weekly excursions are just some of the activities organized, for those who want to cycling even on vacation and they are the best for lovers of new adventures and new bike paths!

5 days a week, wake up early, a good breakfast and go for a nice ride in the wonderful Romagna’s outback, returning to the base, Riccione, for the lunch.

Every Thursday the cycling tour is enhanced by the gastronomic experience and tasting of fine wines and cheeses on the farm!

And.. for companions …? They can choose between  relaxing on the beach, boating or Nordic Walking tours two days a week!

And if you love nature and evenings in company, what could be better than a nice dinner at the fresh air of the hill ?

Do not give up the dinner in our family home at Vecciano! We organize it every two weeks and is the perfect oasis where to find some respite from the heat and bustle of the beach!

So do not send your bike on holiday and book at the hotel Dory …. bike season never stops!

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Dory bike Contest

“It was wonderful!” Tell us your cycling holidays

Do you want to win a vacation for a week to the best cycling hotel of Riccione?

The Hotel Dory for his 20 years of bicycling gives you a stay of seven days in saddle to the bike for Autumn 2017!

How to do?


It’s enough to take part in the contestIt was wonderful!” telling with a brief text your most beautiful vacation departed bike to the Hotel Dory.

You can speak of your experience bike, describe us your favourite run, the most thrilling challenge and the landscapes that you have crossed!

Will be an amusing way to remember your unforgettable cycling adventure to the Hotel Dory!

Tell us about the friendships and about the guides that have accompanied you and that they have shared with you, joys and pains in saddle to the bike, climbing the near mountains crossing the most beautiful suburbs.

Describe us the colors, the smells, the tastes of your vacation bike and the memory of a detail that have guarded with you to the got back from the vacation!

With a brief text of 500 characters we will give you a new exciting adventure in saddle to the two wheels.

It celebrates with us our first unforgettable twenty years of bike. In the best Dory style.

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Coast to Coast Adriatic-Tyrrhenian Sea

From Adriatic to Thyrrenian Sea: the italian Coast to Coast


To cross Italy with a bike in a week? It can be done. How to do?

Booking a vacation with run bike for four unforgettable days in saddle to the two wheels!

364 km of breathtaking’s run that will make you discover the beauty of Italy, from the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The point of departure will be Dory Hotel of Riccione: the bike hotel that for a long time it’s been the destination of whom chooses the vacations with bicycle and runs among art, nature and landscapes.

Four steps for well trained and ready bicyclists to the challenges.

The starting point will be Romagna’s Coast for then to cross the Appennino toward Gubbio and to lodge in the typical medieval suburb.

From Gubbio the run continues coasting along the historical shores of Lake Trasimeno, up to Montepulciano.

Just the time to taste the famous local wine and street through Orcia’s Val.

Crossing the valley from the terrace of Pienza, the beauty of hills and the suggestive landscape, they will accompany the trip up to Saturnia whether to find the deserved relax with a warm thermal bath.

The Tyrrhenian sea will be nearer during the last one steps covers some trip!

Continuing for Maremma and uncontaminated nature of her countries and hills, the trip will finally reach destination with a dive in the crystalline and clear waters of Orbetello.

And after a lunch on the beach, the trip back in minibus toward the base: Riccione and Dory hotel!

The Coast to Coast is alone one of the events that the Riccione’s bike hotel offers to the vacation bycicle’s lovers!

The runs and the events bike of the Dory Hotels wait you for the whole season!

And what do you thing thinks about that? Tell us your experience bike!