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Cycle Trip to Florence (Part Three)

Account of visiting Florence by bike (Part Three): Arrival and then return to Riccione

The Arrival

We negotiate one street after another until finally, as we come out of a narrow old street, we can see Giotto’s bell tower. It’s hard to describe its splendour and the amazement of all our cycling companions. We inch forward on our bikes between waves of tourists, who examine us with surprise and curiosity, guessing with some success at our particular VENTURE.

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Cycle Trip to Florence (Part Two)

The story continues of the bike trip to Florence… (Part Two)

Borgo Corsignano: The next stage organised by Stefano of the Hotel Dory, a Riccione bike hotel in Italy:
We finally reach Borgo Corsignano. It’s quite charming: a real fairy-tale place with beautiful lawns, huge trees, and carefully tended flowers and shrubs. The main farmhouse and villas which make up the settlement are all ready to welcome and treat their newly-arrived guests. The comfortable rooms, with their country-style furniture, attractive colours and warm lighting, make us feel spoilt the moment we arrive.

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The Story: Cycle Trip to Florence (Part One)

Cycle Trip to Florence (Part One): the enthusiasm, excitement and fatigue of Valter, one of the participants.


The Phone Call

Bartolo, the manager at Hotel Dory, a bike hotel italy, called me up and suggested going to Florence with a group of cyclists. I agreed enthusiastically.

The Adventure begins …

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