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Runs in autumn to the Dory: Siena and Florence

Riding bike: discover Tuscany with hotel Dory

The most famous¬†bike hotel of Riccione¬†prepares breath (and wheels) for September¬†season bike, to the discovery Siena and Florence. Read more »

Bike Stories in the Adriatic Coast

Bicycle Diaries: Bike Stories from Hotel Dory in Riccione

Another story, another chapter of the Hotel Dory‘s bicycle saga

Another valuable and beautiful testimony for the 20 years of the Hotel Dory in Riccione: the winning prize is a free bike week for September 2017. Read more »

The most beautiful cycling routes of spring in Riccione

The most beautiful cycling routes of spring in Riccione

Bicycle lovers find their natural habitat in Romagna. Sea land, hills and mountains, the territory here offers the ideal shape for beautiful cycling tours. Whether you want to ride for a whole day or for a few hours, Riccione has so much to offer as a bike ride to discover the territory of Romagna, the Marche and Tuscany. It is no coincidence that the best professional cyclists have always been here. Read more »

Bicycle Diaries: stories at Hotel Dory

Bicycle Diaries: stories at Hotel Dory

Continue the exciting collection of the most beautiful bike experiences at Hotel Dory.

The competition for the 20-year-old bike of the Riccione bicycle lovers will continue, and will offer the winner a free bicycle week for September 2017! Read more »