The Bycicle Diaries: Po Delta, Venice and Chioggia.


A bycicle trip between sea and lagoon to appreciate the shine of the Po Delta.

From the Comacchio Valley with the spectacular landscapes in which sweet water meets the salinity of the sea, to the ethereal beauty of Venice.

Point of meeting to halves the trip the historical Chioggia, with the laughing and traditional seafaring village country of Goldoni, scenery of his “Baruffe Chiozzotte.”

The most beautiful cycle runs of the Adriatic Coast, for the professionals or bike’s lovers! In departure from Hotel Dory of Riccione, admiring the architectural beauties in Ravenna, pedaling for km on the flat tongue of land that mark the limit between water and sky, lagoon and sea, from Riccione to Comacchio, from Chioggia up to Venice.

Three steps riding the bike, faithful companion of trips, in an adventure to discover  the landscapes and the history of the Lagoon.

The first one crossed by Riccione will runs trough Ravenna and her Byzantine treasures as the stately Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Class, coasting along the 13000 hectares of water of the Comacchio Valleys, place where we will stay on the first part of our trip.

To cross the Po Delta in float, will be the beginning of the second part of an adventure that will conduct us to the mouth of the rivers Adige and Brenta. Point of arrival will be this time Chioggia, laughing seafaring village, her “small Venice” living theater of the Comedies of Goldoni.

And to top it off, the last one step it will be all devoted in Venice: in boat up to the island of Pellestrina and to the Beach, a turn in bike on the red carpet like a stars of the Festival of the Cinema.

From the Beach in Venice we will grant us a refreshing walk, a foot in the streets to the discovery of Plaza San Marco and of the pompous Palazzo Ducale.

Two hours to lose and to find in the alleys in Venice, as soon as the time to take back the run toward Chioggia.

258 km of sport, nature and fun! Always in line with the idea of the vacation bike of the hotel Dory.