Bicycle Diaries: Bike Stories from Hotel Dory in Riccione

Another story, another chapter of the Hotel Dory‘s bicycle saga

Another valuable and beautiful testimony for the 20 years of the Hotel Dory in Riccione: the winning prize is a free bike week for September 2017.

Who will be the winner? Among the candidates here is the story of Gianna Skates from the USA, which tells the details of a beautiful bike holiday at Hotel Dory:

“Riding out from the hotel with the city beginning to buzz and wake up, I felt excited and ready for a great climbing day. The country side began to take over and give more room more the delicious frangrances of grapes heavy on the vine and flowers opening to the sun. OUt guide stopped us a a quaint, quintessential Italian Castle for photos. The exuberance of the guide for taking photos allowed our group to connect more. The cohesiveness of the group riding was necessary for our long climb through rolling lands to the base of San Marino. Every climb and hill gave us each an opportunity to appreciate our cycling muscles and comrades. the steepest adn longest climb came right before our cappucino stop. Between deep breaths I could look over to the right or left adn see deep cliffs and terraced vineyards, freshly turned fields and tuscan yellow farmsteads. There ia a sense of community and accomplishment, as the group regathered at the top of the hill. Sharing pictures and fun at the caf
e is always a cherished highlight. the scenery is only breathtaking. Our descent back to Riccione was well calibrated and lead to more stunnig views and photo oppurtunities. I reccomend this cycling tour to anyone who wants a luxry cycling retreat at a fair price.”

Follow our Bike Stories, up to the winner’s proclamation … As always the appointment is at Hotel Dory!