The Contest continue “It was great!”. Here is today’s testimony!

It continues the publication of your histories of bike in Romagna and to the hotel Dory.
Among the stories of the vacations in bicycle departed to the most famous bike hotel of Riccione, here is another of the candidates to the victory of the vacation bike of a week in the hotel Dory.

This time speaks Janne Mikkonen, from Finland that his fantastic tells us experience bike in Italy!

My first bikeholiday ever outsiden Finland. Very nice experience, lot of new things to experience.
I take mostly cappucino (first week) and cappucino light (second week) groups. Uphills were long and steep for me, but when you take them in easy speed theyre were not that bad.
But more than 1000 metres up in a day is something you remember in your legs.
It is still very nice to win yourself and stay alive every day. Downhills were more difficult for me.
I have never been confident in downhills, but in these 11 days I have learn a lot how to do downhills.
I am not an expert yet, but at least som progress has been done. Scenery on the roads were mostly amazing. Lot ot Nice surroundins, valleys and hills, nice little towns, beautiful castles and all this in colours of autumn.
I mostly ride with my finnish friends. We also made our own biketrips on “freedays”, With one of them couple from Canada ride with us.
They were very nice couple and drive wery nicely (like we prefer in Finland at least :)”

Send us your experience bike. Could be you the winner of the vacation autumn bike to the hotel Dory of Riccione!