All the testimonies of the contest “It was great!”

They have arrived numerous, from Italy (but not only!) the stories and the testimonies, for the contest devoted to 20 years of bike at the Dory Hotel!

Here on our blog, starting today we publish the stories of your cycling holidays: only the best, will get the prize: a Cycling Holidays for a week in Autumn 2017!

Are you ready? Here is the testimony of Jean-Jacques from Switzerland, that has been our guest:

“I have known the address of Hotel Dory to a reunion of our club, the club of the Coast (Switzerland). I have gone to the Dory for the first time, in the autumn of 2003 for three days.
Since then I go there every year, in May or September. It is a beautiful region, and the runs make to discover so many wonderful landscapes.
Two beautiful memoirs are worthy of note: the exit to the Fumaiolo mountain and the exit to the Catria mountain. Of the rather difficult runs, but we were well trained and well equipped!
Andrew, the leader of the group, cordial and kind, and Bartolo as driver of the bus.
What splendid days! I also have a good memory of Richard Steiner, with which  has been fantastic to pedal, and to discover that beautiful landscapes.
The services of the Hotel Dory are exceptional: the cordial and pleasant personnel, a good Italian kitchen, the best for the bicyclists, and the excellent wines.
To return, will be our objective for the month of May 2017.”

What do you expected? Send us your unforgettable experience bike, to the hotel Dory!