Account of visiting Florence by bike (Part Three): Arrival and then return to Riccione

The Arrival

We negotiate one street after another until finally, as we come out of a narrow old street, we can see Giotto’s bell tower. It’s hard to describe its splendour and the amazement of all our cycling companions. We inch forward on our bikes between waves of tourists, who examine us with surprise and curiosity, guessing with some success at our particular VENTURE.

Confirmation is received when one passer-by manages to read the message “Hotel Dory Riccione” on my brilliant blue top: a reference to the organiser of this trip and of many other cycle-tourism excursions in Riccione. We begin by visiting the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Piazza della Signoria: sights immortalised in our many photographs. Then we cycle up the lovely road which leads to Piazzale Michelangelo, from where we can admire Florence in all its beauty, take more photos and share our pleasure and admiration.

The Evening and Return to Riccione

We spend the evening together at a pizzeria, reliving our memories, the emotions of the previous day, and our wonderful images of Florence. Every memory is a source of mutual satisfaction to the group. The next morning, after a delicious breakfast of warm bread, sweet-smelling croissants and home-made jams, we get ready for our return trip. We finally return, tired but happy, to the Hotel Dory, our Italy bike hotel, together with our fellow cycling enthusiasts from a far-off land, with whom we have shared an unforgettable cycling adventure.

At the Dory

We’re back! A warm welcome, photos and lunch are all awaiting the cyclists. Everything has been arranged in the typical “Stefano Dory style”: the organizer behind this expedition and of lots of other Riccione bike holiday. And we’re already thinking about our destination for next year: Rome!