Fantastic ride in Santarcangelo

The ride began with excitement and anticipation as we all meet in front of the Hotel Dory, first Italian bike hotel. Nervous voices of diffent tribes chatted and giggles. Soft femernine tones of the women and the strong male voices blended together to create a choir of cyclests. All waiting to set off into the sunny october morn. Well feed with the food from the bounty full spread healthy and filling.Yum Yum.
Will I make it?

 What lies ahead we think to our selves will I be king of the mountain? Will I blow up on the first climb. Am i in the right group? Will that fat guy make it? Gosh thoose guides look bronzed and fit.

Ahh get into your group we are off we are off ………
A lovely steady pace as we turn onto the road .The guide ( with the qute bum) leads of on a picturesqe route through the beautiful Ricconie county side. Steady and sure we peddle The sweeper at the back keeps us to gether. A couple of 10% climbs puffpuff that tests your legs and your heart . I have made it .Ready for more tomorrow yes Iam Yes I can pumps through my veins now no more doubts.
Lunch yum yum guilt free eating wonderful ride.

Delia – UK