Ride to San Marino

The start of the ride all very calm every one sorting there bikes out. Then the start rolling out nice and slow onto the beach road and into the glourius sunshine, the guides taking care everyone is together. The bike i hired was first class everything worked fine with a compuyor on board pump and repair kits if needed,after a while we turn towards the big hills still rolling along flat roads but now in the contry side looking at the local life going on so much to take in as you ride the wonderfull smell of the fruit growing on the trees as you cycle by and all the diffrent things going on.

The hills are getting bigger now and a sence of nerves can you make it up them. We turn a corner and we start climbing all nice and steady the guides say if you want to go faster you can and will meet at the top all very surpertive. I set off into my rythm and leave a few behind as i climb and climb you think you at the giro being Nibali ,well not quite then we reach the top wow!!! What a view what an achievment, you say well done when they make it to the top all smiles and a well earn coffee at the top and tell are tells about the difficult bits. A great holiday that leaves you feeling great and can’t wait to come back! Hotel Dory the best hotel in Riccione!

Christopher – UK