From 2 years Hotel Dory have been organized cycling holiday for “pleasure-loving” cyclists.

We called it Bikeness®, discover what is about.

2 years ago we started to offer a programm as an alternative to cycling holidays in Riccione.

We called it Bikeness® and renamed it “La Dolce Vita Bike”.

In fact Bikeness® is addressed to those who love the bicycle, but want to enjoy also the landscape, the smells, the tastes that an area like the Romagna can give.

The cycling routes, created to let you know the Romagna, will lead you in contact with the real Romagna, that one of piadina, tortellini and Sangiovese.

But what does  expect you, if you will book a cygling holiday throughout Romagna?

Let’s start from bikes, the most important element.

The Hotel Dory is the first Scott test center in Italy and we know very well what it means heaving a good bike.

We rent to our guests (and not only to these) electric and hybrid bikes ideal for a easier bike route.

Itineraries are thought for those who want to enjoy at best landscapes and nature offered by Romagna region.

You will go through the area used to be owned by Montefeltro family, visit the Roman Rimini and San Marino Republic on the Titano Mount, get in contact with the Paolo and Francesca history at Gradara, pass through the flourishing Valmarecchia.

Excursions are different every day and take place over two weeks. In two weeks you’ll never follow the same route twice.

Guides know very well the routes of our programmes and they could help if you are in trouble.

They will try to drive as the group does and the distances go from 40 km without exceeding 60 km long.

Would you like to receive further information?

Download the magazine Bikeness® 2012 to discover what we have in store for you.

We are at your complete disposal to let you know in detail our Bikeness® programm.

Contact us at or at +39 0541 642896.

We expect you!