This was the Tuesday grand tour route. I was with the cappuccino group. The 117km ride took in the most stunning countryside of Italy – it had everything from castles to churches, to green rolling hills and forests. The route started with a long steady climb, with largely a gradual incline for about the first 40 km. We all knew that meant the way back was going to be fast and fun! Apart from a couple of short, sharp climbs it was fast spin back to Hotel Dory, best bike hotel in Riccione.

We stopped for a coffee in a gorgeous small town for cappuccino. How apt for our group.

The route was fantastically organised, with a van to meet us twice laden with water, bananas and sandwiches. This was very welcome as we had had an earlier than normal start that day at 8.30 and therefore an early breakfast.

The group was truly international – French, English and Canadian – all looking out for each other and sharing the pain on the climbs!

The grand tour, lived up to its name! A great Italian day out on the bike. Thanks to the guide!

Kate – UK