Hotel Dory 2015

Not sure if I qualify — I haven’t actually been cycling in Italy — but I want to!! I have friends who cycled in this area several years ago. They told me about Hotel Dory, the best bike hotel in Italy for them. They told me how friendly the proprietors were, how great the service and support, all about the wonderful meals!!

I toured parts of Italy (Santa Margherita Ligure, Florence, Rome, and Venice), in 1999, by train. Being so rich in history, Italy offers incredible opportunities to see antiquities, admire renowned artwork, and visit incredible museums and duomos. My trip was wonderful but I longed for the day when I would return to cycle in Italy – to spend more time in it’s countryside and to meet more of it’s people. Hotel Dory offers the perfect opportunities for just this type of cycling vacation.

I have been dreaming of doing a cycling trip in this area ever since I talked to my friends about their trip. Whether I am lucky enough to win the contest or not — I hope to be spending time at the Hotel Dory and cycling in Italy in 2015!