My Dory Hotel experiences

I have been to Riccione twice now and stayed at Hotel Dory both times. It has always been a wonderful experience with great rooms, amazing food and wonderful rides each day. Stefano and his staff are as good as it gets in a hotel stay and they make you feel like the hotel is your home while you are there and will do everything they can to make sure you are having the best time possible.
Surely I can say that if you are searching for a bike hotel in Italy, Hotel Dory is the right answer!

The rides are always interesting and challenging, with great tour leaders who take you to interesting places and tell you about the history of the area. Coming from the flattest part of Canada, the hills were a bit of a challenge but the leaders were always very patient and encouraging in helping us make it to the top and the group always waited patiently for the slowest people to arrive. The downhill runs were the most scared I’ve ever been on a bicycle; they were so long that my hands were sore at the end of the ride from squeezing the brake levers for such a long time. My two favourite rides were to Stefano’s country home for the barbecue with such great food and wine outdoors and the ride to the farm to sample wines, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The food was always great and there was always lots of laughter and great conversation while we shared our experiences.

Six of us came to the hotel the first time and the next year we had told so many people about our experience that we ended up bringing 21 people to the hotel. I will definitely be back soon.


Alvin – Canada