Requests boom during the opening of enrollments day.

Racing bibs finished after 5 hours.

In 5 hours from the opening of Nove Colli 2013 enrollment the racing bibs finished.

12,000 enrollments in only 5 hours and the first one was at 10.01, after 1 minute from the opening hour of online enrollments.

It seems it will be a fantastic edition of Nove Colli race and we tipped you off!

Who booked in advance has the opportunity to have one of the 12,000 racing bibs to take part to the Nove Colli Granfondo 2013 because they are offered with the package dedicated to the event.

At Hotel Dory we love racing bikes and who already stayed by us knows it. That’s why every year we think about our guests and we reserve some racing bibs of Nove Colli Granfondo to give them the possibility to take part to one of the most important Italian cycling events.

The Nove Colli race will be accompanied with sweat, toil, smell of challange and the will to win.

To whom will be the first among the Hotel Dory guests, will receive a prize directly from the hotel manager, Stefano Giuliodori.

If you already booked and you can’t wait May 2013, take a look to the¬†pics of Nove Colli 2012.

If you didn’t book… so you can watch only the pictures, but in the next year you have not to let out our offer.

We will see in Riccione!